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The Consultation and Relational Empathy (CARE) Measure is a person-centred process measure that was developed and researched at the Departments of General Practice in Glasgow University and Edinburgh University. The CARE Measure is a quick (only 10 questions), clear and easy to complete patient-completed questionnaire. It measures empathy in the context of the therapeutic relationship during a one-on-one consultation between a clinician and a patient. Originally developed and rigorously tested for use by GPs, it has since been successfully used by other medical staff, allied health professionals (AHPs) and nurses.

This site has been developed by the Nursing Midwifery and Allied Health Professions Research Unit at the University of Stirling to enable medical, nursing and AHP practitioners to collect and use CARE Measure data, allowing them to receive feedback on how empathic they are in therapeutic consultations. As part of the feedback given by this website, practitioners are able to compare their performance with their peers. No patient identifiable information is inputted to the site. Professional demographic questions are required to support us with our analysis, but individual feedback is only available to the individual registered user. All data is stored on our secure database to enable us to provide a dynamic and growing dataset of CARE Measure data to allow us to provide you with up to date comparisons and information.

Please use the tabs above to negotiate your way around this website. More information about the CARE Measure - including a downloadable pdf copy of the CARE Measure - is available here. Information on how to use the CARE measure and this website can be found here. If you wish to enter CARE Measure data to receive feedback on your performance you first have to register and then log in. You can do this using the tabs above.

We are aware that some populations are routinely excluded from participating in completing measures such as the CARE Measure due to communication or cognitive difficulties, or because the language is not suitable for their age-group. With this in a mind, a group of us have recently been developing an alternative version of the CARE Measure, known as the Visual CARE Measure that is accessible for precisely these groups of people. Two Versions of the Visual CARE Measure are available. A downloadable pdf copy 10 question version (for Children and Adults) - is available here; and a downloadable pdf copy of the 5 question version (for Children only at this stage) is available here. You can now enter data collected from these forms separately. The data is stored separately and when baselines are calculated for your report, only the matching forms from other practitioners are used. We only have a small amount of data from these forms so far, but hope to have more as people use this site.

The CARE measure and Visual Care Measures can be used free of charge. The Intellectual Property rights rest with the Scottish Government. The measure may not be used on a commercial basis without the consent of Prof Stewart Mercer and the Scottish Government Chief Scientist Office, on behalf of the Scottish Ministers.

If you have any feedback on this site, please contact us.

The Care measure site currently has data from 437,408 questionnaires from 9,914 different professionals.