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Who can the CARE Measure be used with?

The CARE Measure is appropriate for use with adults without significant communication or cognitive difficulties. The validity and reliability of the measure has been demonstrated in various studies. The CARE Measure was originally developed for primary care/outpatient consultation style appointments and is most suitable in similar types of situations. It has also been found to be feasible for use in community domiciliary consultations. Using the CARE Measure on an inpatient ward is not as easy due to a range of practice-based issues. You should assess whether it is a feasible measure for your practice.

The Visual CARE Measure is appropriate if you wish to use it with children, or people with significant communication or cognitive difficulties. Research with the Visual CARE Measure is at a much earlier stage than the original measure which has been in development for over 10 years.

How long does it take?

Patients should complete the CARE Measure after their consultation, so clinical time should not be significantly affected by this measure's use. On average it takes clients no longer than ten minutes to complete the CARE measure.

How many CARE Measures do I need to use the website analytical tool and get individualized feedback?

Ideally you should collect valid data from 50 consecutive patients. This provides the most reliable and representative picture of how you are perceived by your patients. You may need to hand out more than 50 CARE Measures to receive 50 back. A measure is considered to be 'valid' if no more than 2 items are marked as "does not apply". Individual measures with more than two items marked as "does not apply" will not be accepted by the website. A report will not be provided until you enter at least 25 valid measures. Whilst you will be able to get a report having completed 25 measures, you should be aware that the analysis of your performance will not be as reliable as it would be if you collected and entered 50 valid measures.

Important Note: If you enter data using a mixture of either the standard or either versions of the Visual CARE Measures, you will be unable to generate a report until you have entered at least 25 copies of one type of measure.

What do patients think of the CARE Measure?

Our experience is that patients are highly likely to complete this measure if asked. The biggest barrier to reaching 50 completed measures (where your caseload is big enough) is likely to be yourself. We have found that clinicians often forget to hand out a CARE Measure after a consultation, or fear they are burdening their patients by asking them to complete it. However, this belief is not supported by patients who feedback and frequently comment on how appreciative they are of being asked the questions in the CARE Measure, they feel like they have a say. So, before starting, think about things that you can do that will prompt you to hand out CARE Measures. This can be as simple as having a tick-off or tally sheet to mark up for each measure handed out, a poster or sign in a prominent place, or even just leaving your CARE Measures somewhere that you will see them.

Download a copy of the CARE Measure

Click here to download a copy of the CARE Measure (text version) to print and use.
Click here to download a copy of the 10 Question Visual CARE Measure to print and use.
Click here to download a copy of the 5 Question Visual CARE Measure to print and use.

Click here to view a sample report from a fictional practitioner.