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User Support

For help with data entry or viewing your report, please fill in the form below. Before you do so, please read the following frequently asked questions. Please do not email us directly with requests for support - we can only help via the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have lost my username or password
You can request a new password and a reminder of your username from the log in page.

I cannot see the report for data I have entered for a practitioner
Only the practitioners can see their own reports. They must log in to their own accounts to see their report.

I have entered data for a practitioner but they cannot see the report
The most common reason for this is that the practitioner has two accounts and they are looking at the wrong one. Check the username they are using - is it the one you entered the data for?

Please log in to see the details of the practitioners you enter data for.

I cannot find where to enter the comments from the CARE form
The comments cannot be entered on the website.

When I add a practitioner to my account, they do not appear
Check for a message saying they already have an account. If they do, you need to associate your account with theirs. Ask them for their username and email address and use the Associate Practitioner form here

None of that helps
Okay, please log in and fill in the form below. Be as specific as possible. Please do not email us directly with your initial query - this form tells us what we need to know about your account. Thanks.

Please log in to access the user support form.

Contact Us

This website was developed by Dr. Edward Duncan, and Dr. Jennifer Murray from the Scottish Government Chief Scientist Office Nursing Midwifery and Allied Health Professions Research Unit. If you have any questions/comments about this website, or queries relating to the use of the CARE Measure with direct healthcare professionals such as nurses, midwives or allied health professionals please contact:

Dr. Edward Duncan
Associate Professor in Applied Health Research Nursing Midwifery and Allied Health Professions Research Unit Unit 13, Scion House University of Stirling
Stirling, FK9 4LA
Scotland, UK

If your query/comment relates to the development of the CARE Measure or its use with GPs and other medical specialties please contact:

Dr. Stewart Mercer
General Practice and Primary Care
Division of Community-based Sciences
University of Glasgow
1 Horselethill Road
Glasgow G12 9LX