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Support the CARE Measure Site

Amazingly, it has been 7 years since we launched the CARE Measure Website. In that time it has grown beyond all our expectations, both in terms of numbers of users and geographical scope. As a free to use and unfunded resource, this success has proven to be a blessing and a curse! The website functions very well but, for various reasons, we receive a proportionally small number of enquiries most weeks about how to enter data and generate reports. As the number of users has grown, so too has the number of enquiries. At the same time, cyber security developments and new legislation means that the current website will shortly require an extensive update. Both the level of request for support and the need to update the web-platform mean that we now need to generate funds to maintain the provision of this service. If we fail to generate sufficient funds we will be in a position in a few months' time that we are no longer able to maintain the website. We are working hard to avoid this, and will give notice on the website if this is to happen. In the meantime we are exploring alternative funding options.

We have been unsuccessful in seeking external funding to support the continuation of the website. Despite a number of requests for (relatively small) financial support from national and professional bodies, none has been forthcoming to date. The feedback has always been the same - they recognise and value the function of the website, but are not in a position to support it financially. We do not wish to go down a route of advertising: it has no place on this website and would be unlikely to generate sufficient resource even if it did.

Regrettably, this means that we now have to turn to you, our users, to request financial support. As a first step, we would like to ask you to make a donation to sustain the website. All donations are welcome, but if most users donated between £10 - £20 we will be in a position to maintain and develop the service. We are not working for profit. All funds generated will go into maintaining and developing the website and related functions. We have no idea if this donating model will be successful. But we will review it in a few months' time and decide how to proceed. In the meantime many thanks for your continued use of the website and for any financial support you feel you can give.