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How do I collect CARE Measure data?

A downloadable copy of the CARE Measure is available here. During data collection you should give each patient a CARE Measure at the end of their consultation and ask them to complete it before they leave the clinic, or after you leave their home. It is best if you are not present while they do this, as they may feel pressured to fill it in very positively. We recommend the following solutions to create as much space between you and the CARE Measure's completion as possible:

  • If you are a General Practitioner and wish to collect CARE Measure data to support revalidation by the GMC then it is essential that the questionnaires are administered independently from you. Reception staff should distribute questionnaires and collect them as detailed below.
  • If you work in General Practice or an outpatient department we found it works best if the patient completes the CARE Measure in the reception/waiting area etc (where available) and places the completed questionnaire in a designated and clearly labelled drop-box for them when they have finished.
  • It can be useful to give the patients an envelope to put their measure into before they post it in the drop-box.
  • If you are a domiciliary clinician it is best if you provide the patient with a pre-paid addressed envelope to return the CARE Measure in. They then complete it after you have left and the form is posted back.
  • It is helpful if you label your CARE Measures in some way to allow you to identify which measures are from your patients if other staff members are also collecting measures in the same drop-box or handing out measures in domiciliary settings. This can be something as simple as writing your initials in the top corner or assigning yourself and the rest of the staff unique numbers that you write at the top right hand side of the measure before you hand them out. This lets you identify your patients' CARE Measures later on.
  • Patients should not have to put any personal identifying information on the CARE measures, so their scores can remain anonymous if they wish them to be so.

How do I use this website?

This website provides a method of entering your completed CARE Measure data on-line, and receiving personalised feedback which compares your CARE Measure scores with your peers. This website was created to save you time and effort calculating CARE Measure scores by hand. Once you have gathered and entered sufficient data you will be able to download a pdf report providing some background on the CARE Measure, your score, and how this compares to your peers. This report may be useful both for on-going supervision and as evidence of your continual professional development.

Initial reliability studies for the Visual CARE Measure have been completed and are in submission for publication. At this stage, however, we do not have sufficient data to provide reports on how you compare to your peers for Visual CARE Measures on this website. Therefore, if you enter data using the Visual CARE Measure, you will be provided with a reduced version of the report that is currently available to people who use the standard CARE Measure. The data you enter will, however, go towards both future research and the development of a dataset of sufficient size to enable normative analysis.

Some practitioners, particularly GPs who intend to use their data for their GMC revalidation, have their data entered by an administrator. The new CARE site allows administrators to tie their accounts to that of one or more practitioner and enter data on behalf of any one of them. This can involve splitting an existing account into two: one for the administrator and one for the practitioner. You can do that here. Once you have an administrator account, you can add new practitioners or associate your account with existing ones. GPs will not be able to enter their own data, as required by GMC revalidation.

All information you input will be kept on a secure server in the strictest confidence. Data will not be identifiable in any way. No patient identifiable information is entered on this website. We plan to use the data entered into the website to carry out statistical analyses to further enhance our understanding of the CARE Measure. All data reported in this manner will be aggregated so you will not be identifiable in any way. We will not contact you unless you ask us to. All data will be handled in line with the Data Protection Act (1998) and in line with good research governance practices.