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October 2013: The CARE Measure Web Has Been Upgraded!

We have been busy over the summer making the CARE Measure website better. Here are the new features that have been added:
  • Separate accounts for practitioners and administrators who enter data for them
  • A facility to split existing accounts into practitioner and administrator
  • Administrators can now enter data for more than one practitioner from the same account
  • The visual 5 question and 10 question CARE measures are now supported, with results stored separately for each
  • Data can now be entered in 'rounds', so that you can have one round of data per year (or review period)
  • GPs using the CARE Measure for GMC revalidation can have their ability to enter data disabled. In such cases, the certificate report will include the name of the administrator who entered the data for them.

Separate Administrator accounts

Some practitioners, particularly GPs who intend to use their data for their GMC revalidation, have their data entered by an administrator. The new CARE site allows administrators to tie their accounts to that of one or more practitioner and enter data on behalf of any one of them. This can involve splitting an existing account into two: one for the administrator and one for the practitioner. You can do that here. Once you have an administrator account, you can add new practitioners or associate your account with existing ones. GPs will not be able to enter their own data, as required by GMC revalidation.

Visual CARE Measures

There are now versions of the CARE Measure questionnaire that feature pictures for children or adults who need help to understand the questions. You can now enter data collected from these forms separately. The data is stored separately and when baselines are calculated for your report, only the matching forms from other practitioners are used. We only have a small amount of data from these forms so far, but hope to have more as people use this site.